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There are no second takes when it comes to graduation. It is one of those fleeting special occasions that we remember forever, so it is crucial to ensure the day is captured in all its ceremonial glory.

At Protake Photo Studio, we work closely with more than 100 higher education establishments in creating memories that stand the test of time. Our experience with large-scale events is second to none, and our friendly, dedicated crew members are passionate about delivering photographs that graduates can proudly display for years to come.

Our on-the-day photography options include the classic studio experience, group photographs, and graduation photographs.
Graduation & Family Portrait
This Moment is Your Life
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kindergarten & international school

Immersed in professionalism, we embarked on a captivating kindergarten photoshoot, capturing the pure beauty and innocence of each child. Every frame reflects the joy, curiosity, and wonder that define this enchanting stage of life.
We are enthusiastic to capture the heart and soul of your events. With Events Photographer at Protake Photo Studio Sdn Bhd we provide expertise and services for all types of events including:

- Conferences
- Forums
- Exposition
- Product launches
- Gala dinners
- Award ceremonies
- Receptions
- Portraits
- Parties
- Special occasions and festivals
Convocation Gown & Accessories
Digital Photo Prints
Photos are only taken for one reason - for looking back on life's cherished moments. Make sure your favorite photofinisher prints your cherished memories on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type CA paper for high-quality, long-lasting prints from film or digital prints